The Atlantic Coast
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Bordeaux, its wineyards, its river
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Want emotion

I marvel

To marvel: to be filled with a sentiment of admiration and surprise. Synonymous with wonder, for the wonder in your eyes and smile. Just the right time for a souvenir snapshot!


I believe I can breathe

Freedom: being subjected to no external constraints. It's an all-essential holiday component, the notion of getting away from it all. The vast stretches of nature, the warm ambience and the sheer variety of leisure activities ensure this sense of well-being.

How ?

I'm having fun

Have fun: enjoy entertaining occupations. Strolling, hanging out, entertaining yourselves
It's the very essence of the holiday spirit!

How ?

Chilling out

Serene: synonymous with lovely, radiant, peaceful, tranquil, basking in South-West sunshine. Our festive spirit defines our region, yet there are plenty of places that are ideal for chilling out.

How ?

Keep on moving, keep on groving !

Vitality: quality of living beings and groups demonstrating high levels of energy and dynamics. Vitality of an art form or culture, like right here! The Basque country has preserved its language dating from the Palaeolithic era, along with its culture.

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To get inspired


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Tried and tested : « Just go »

Christine Coutant and Thierry Monfort are cycling enthusiasts: they took the Vélodyssée® from Le Verdon to Hendaye. This Breton couple started out in Nantes. « We couldn't wait to get to Aquitaine, with the magnificent forest, the fresh smell of the pines and the greenery. We really loved this environment, we really felt like we were getting away from it all as we enjoyed the wide open spaces.

It's not at all monotonous » explained Thierry, a fifty-something executive. « The landscape is changing all the time. We were cycling through natural landscapes practically all the time, and we felt like we had escaped! It was almost like meditating, or going on a pilgrimage, communing with nature » confirmed Christine Coutant, an athletic forty-something.

« There's the effort you put in, pedalling for 70 kilometres a day over an average of 7 hours a day, both an inner adventure and an opportunity to explore this lovely region » explained Thierry Monfort. « When we got here, we didn't feel like stopping, we wanted to forge ahead » he confided. When we asked the two cyclists for a tip, they immediately replied : « Just go ».

Christine et Thierry

Tried and tested : « We love camping ! »

« Our idea of a holiday is camping! » Katia, Jans, Mette and Bannet Ohlmeyer are full of enthusiasm after a 2-week stay at the « Camping Resort & Spa la Rive », in Biscarrosse (Landes).
This German family chose their destination via Internet. « We wanted to try the Atlantic coast in south-west France and we were attracted to the open space and water parks, clubs for the children, and the nearby lake » explained Jans. « The children are thrilled with the water games and activity clubs. While they're having their fun, we parents enjoy hanging out together on the beach, cycling along bike lanes to the Dune du Pilat, jogging, and tennis » added Katia.
« It's a great way to relax » Jans pointed out. « here's all you need: a supermarket, a pleasant restaurant, a bar with excellent Bordeaux wine » the father added. « We love that it's modern and smoothly organised, with very good activities for the children » explained Katia. « e are having an excellent holiday and we'll be back next year! » they said in unison. The children applauded!

Katia, Jans, Mette et Bannet

Tried and tested : « The environmental approach appealed to us »

A hammock slung between two cork oaks, grass, gorse and heather, wooden chalets, flowers, a dreamy lake: welcome to the Camping du Lac, in Ondres, an eco-label establishment in Seignanx.

« he environment-friendly camping approach appealed to us, and we really appreciate it » remarked a smiling Cécile and Axel, who came from the north of France with their two daughters Maïlys and Lysa. « It's green, and it's calm! Silence is compulsory after 11.00 pm. Waste-sorting is very well organised and explained. It's a good educational experience for the children. We are enjoying nature to the utmost. And we are close to a family-friendly beach with a gorgeous panorama, the Basque mountains to one side and Capbreton on the other! » Unadulterated happiness !

Cécile et Axel

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