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Golf and wellness in Gascony

Today our focus is on Gascony as we invite you to relax in Casteljaloux, in the heart of Aquitaine.

Let’s borrow from Edmond Rostand, author of Cyrano, his description of the Captains of Gascony of Castel-Jaloux: "shameless liars (...) eye of an eagle (...) legs of a stork".

Golf and wellness in Gascony

photo © Alain Baschenis for Eurothermes

You can keep your ‘agile legs’ in shape these days by taking advantage of the treatments from the spa and the "Baths of Casteljaloux" thermal relaxation facilities. Or you can give them a work-out around the 18-hole golf course, between valleys, lake and pine forest.

It’s got everything to keep you in perfect shape... from head to toe! Not to mention the friendly encounters with people eager to chat over a plate of local produce. 

As for somewhere to stay, may we suggest, from a very wide choice, two really comfortable tourist accommodation options.

One, Résidence des Bains***, right next to the spa area – ideal for popping across in your bathrobe from your apartment.

The other, the Demeures du Lac***, is just a few minutes’ walk from the golf course. With a natural beach by the lake, a forest, single-storey houses ... life here is made easy for families.


Informations pratiques

Ideas of prices and contacts:

:: For Bains de Casteljaloux, the "Pass Tempo" package offers you the opportunity to enjoy different areas for 5 hours, for 42 euros per adult and 37 euros per child.

:: Pour la Résidence des Bains***, le week-end 1 nuit est à partir de 112 euros pour 1 ou 2 personnes.

:: For Golf de Casteljaloux, the tariff at the weekend for non-members is from 51 euros; during the week, expect 42 euros.

:: To stay at Goélia Les Demeures du Lac***, rental is by the week or, outside the holidays, by the weekend. Example 2 rooms for 4 people with balcony, 175 Euros per week.

Depuis le 1er janvier 2016, les régions Aquitaine, Limousin et Poitou-Charentes ne font plus qu'une ! Découvrez l'offre touristique de toute la région.