Aquitaine promises you wonderful walks on its slopes, forest paths, towpaths and other green ways, not to mention major European routes such as the Lot Valley cycle route, the Deux Mers cycle route, the Vélodyssée along the coast and the Scandibérique on the Way of Saint-James.

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Tried and tested : « Just go »

Christine Coutant and Thierry Monfort are cycling enthusiasts: they took the Vélodyssée® from Le Verdon to Hendaye. This Breton couple started out in Nantes. « We couldn't wait to get to Aquitaine, with the magnificent forest, the fresh smell of the pines and the greenery. We really loved this environment, we really felt like we were getting away from it all as we enjoyed the wide open spaces.

It's not at all monotonous » explained Thierry, a fifty-something executive. « The landscape is changing all the time. We were cycling through natural landscapes practically all the time, and we felt like we had escaped! It was almost like meditating, or going on a pilgrimage, communing with nature » confirmed Christine Coutant, an athletic forty-something.

« There's the effort you put in, pedalling for 70 kilometres a day over an average of 7 hours a day, both an inner adventure and an opportunity to explore this lovely region » explained Thierry Monfort. « When we got here, we didn't feel like stopping, we wanted to forge ahead » he confided. When we asked the two cyclists for a tip, they immediately replied : « Just go ».

Christine et Thierry

Boat trip

In Aquitaine, you can take a river cruise on the Garonne, the Dordogne and the Gironde estuary. Further inland, the Canal de Garonne, Baise, Lot,...

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Large and preserved natural areas

Do you want a great breath of fresh air? Here, the huge preserved natural areas, protected sites and natural parks invite you to go back to nature.

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The Atlantic Coast

Take a map of the region, point at Pointe de Grave, where the Gironde estuary pours into the Atlantic ocean and draw a straight line 270 kilometres...

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