We are all children in the face of Prehistory! 400,000 years of human presence can be seen at thirty or so sites, as varied as they are geographically close. The first people left Aquitaine wonderful testimonies of their presence, making our region one of the richest in France in this field. Lascaux, the Cro-Magnon rock shelter, or that of Moustier from which the bones of Neanderthals were extracted, it’s all here!

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The prehistory package

Dordogne's valley

Inner beauty reaching to the sky. Why not start your tour of the Dordogne underground? There are some amazing treasures, concretions and...

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Men, stones, stories

Heritage is one of the twelve great reasons to visit Aquitaine. Prehistoric caves, castles, medieval houses, beautiful classical façades from...

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Aquitaine understands how to preserves its nature, and naturism is the way to enjoy it. Wide open spaces, respect for others, spirit of innovation,...

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