Around 800 vineyard owners of Aquitaine vineyards welcome visitors to their châteaux. Although the wine tasting visit is a “great classic”, the châteaux nevertheless offer a large range of activities for visitors. Wine growers have no shortage of imagination. Behind the doors of the wine cellars, ideas are coming together.

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The wine tourism package


Tried and tested : « Proud of our vintage »

« I had the idea of offering my boyfriend and his son some vintage vines, as a gift to share with the family » recounted Marie-Claude Massé, from central France.

The adventure lasted nearly two years, starting in the spring with the preparation of the vine for a superior organic Bordeaux wine, at château Beau Rivage, in Macau. « The grape harvest with 15 other couples was very friendly» she laughed. Towards the end of the year, it was assembly time. « We tasted several vines to identify the tastes of chocolate and musk. Then we used little flasks to test various assemblies and find a wine we like. » The wine cannot be delivered until at least 18 months after harvesting.

ottling and adding the customised label is a moment of sheer delight when you read : « Cuvée Clémot père et fils » (Clémot & Son vintage). « They are really proud of their vintage » enthused Marie-Claude. This adventure will go down in family folklore.


Tried and tested : « An incredible getaway »

« I just love this cruise on the Garonne, visiting vineyards along the way ». Robert Sellex, BBC cameraman, is plainly delighted. He took advantage of a few days at a loose end to take a break in Bordeaux with friends. It was only a 90-minute flight from Liverpool.

On the agenda: a visit to Saint-Emilion followed by a Médoc wine-tasters cruise with « Bordeaux River Cruise ». « It makes for a complete break, a great getaway. We started by exploring Bordeaux and the Gironde islands down the river. We've been tasting some excellent wines. We've seen some lovely châteaux from the boat: Beychevelle, Latour, Pichon-Longueville and so on. Our guide has clued us up on the history of Bordeaux, vineyards and wine. We had a magnificent, restful stopover on the island of Patiras, where we chilled out and climbed the lighthouse. We could see the Citadelle de Blaye, the docks and the church in Pauillac. We wound up with a visit to a wine-growing château, the vat-house and barrel storehouse, and learning to taste wine! It was a great day out! » enthused this 50-something Brit. His friends all agreed.


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