Freedom: being subjected to no external constraints. It’s an all-essential holiday component, the notion of getting away from it all. The vast stretches of nature, the warm ambience and the sheer variety of leisure activities ensure this sense of well-being.

I believe I can breathe


OK we’ve said it before and we’re saying it again: the vast protected open spaces are infinitely rich. You can fill your lungs as you soak up the gorgeous panoramas, from the ocean beaches to the Pyrenean peaks, the chestnut trees in Dordogne and the pine trees in the Landes.

Naturists know all about it, because there are plenty of places for them to have fun. A relaxed atmosphere in true South-West spirit: a tranquil pace, festivals dating back centuries, friendliness: it’s what they call art de vivre.

You’re free to enjoy: on a bicycle ride along tranquil cycle paths, making merry at the festayres in Bayonne and Agen, or a gentle nap by the river.


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