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A mountain for all seasons

Aquitaine is certainly a region spoilt for choice! Not only does it have the Atlantic Ocean with its mild weather, fabulous heritage (Lascaux cave, etc.) and endless gourmet delights (vineyards making fine wines…), but it is also bordered to the south by a vast range of mountains: the Pyrenees.

Skying by night in the Pyrénées



The Pyrenees: one of the jewels of Aquitaine

From the Rhune in the west of the Basque Country, at 905 m the first and lowest of all the summits, to the Col du Pourtalet south of Pau at the foot of the Pic d’Ossau (2884 m), the Pyrenees in Aquitaine stretch over more than 110 kilometres.
As the bird flies, that is. Because if you go via the ridges along the Spanish border, or through the winding valleys of Béarn and the Basque Country, the distances are obviously much longer!

These valleys are worlds in themselves waiting to be discovered. Heading east from the ocean, first of all there are the many valleys of the French Basque Country. Next come the three valleys of Béarn: Barétous, Aspe and Ossau, at the gateway to the Pyrenees National Park .

The colours of relaxation

Skying by night in the PyrénéesWhite, green, blue and yellow – the Pyrenees boast all the colours of relaxation and a whole host of activities to go with them.

White from November to April at the ski resorts which are constantly improving their facilities to provide winter sports with something for everyone.

Green, yellow, ochre or grey, the Pyrenees change shade between spring and autumn, on the high-altitude plateaux or the stony slopes. With their protected flora and fauna, they are ideal for walks and hikes.

Blue in the lakes and rapids much loved by fishermen and white-water sports enthusiasts. Blue skies too, for fans of paragliding or hang-gliding…

- That looks like a lammergeyer up there!

* the lammergeyer is a protected species of bird

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