Ongi etorri! Adishatz! *
Basque and Occitan are the South-West’s regional languages. They are spoken and sung at every occasion – and there are plenty of them!

A feeling of diversity friendliness


Everyone here has heard of the Ferias, the Bayonne, Dax or Mont-de-Marsan festivals? From June to August, the « festayres » (festival goers) in red and white crowd into the bodegas and arenas, to the sound of the bandas.

All year round, rugby, pelota and Basque strength games, bullfighting and course landaise keep the spirit of Aquitaine alive, from Périgord to the Basque Country, the Landes to the plains of Gascony.

When summer is around the corner, the transhumance is a lively pastoral event, along the roads that lead the flocks to their summer pastures in the Pyrenees.

Other traditions that are joyously preserved include the Cercles meetings in community cafés that liven up the Landes winters. Sometimes dances are held there, like on the open air cafés on the banks of the estuary.

As for music, Aquitaine’s soundtrack broadcasts all styles: Garorock, Reggae Sun Ska, 24h du swing, Jazz Pourpre Périgord, classical music with the Maurice Ravel music academy…

The star of Aquitaine, wine, is celebrated all year round in the four corners of the region, particularly in Bordeaux, in even years, alternating with the river festival.

Taking a bit of the spirit of the Aquitaine home in your suitcases is possible, thanks to the craftspeople and producers. Preserving the ancestral skills, their products and objects are beautiful and delicious souvenirs.

As you can see, there is much fun and sharing to be had in Aquitaine. Don’t forget your beret!

* Welcome! in Basque; Hi! in Occitan


Some pictures

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